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Samuel has spent 20 years as a body/mind therapist and a meditation teacher, speaker and author. In the 1980s, he facilitated The New York Healing Circle, which helped thousands of people with HIV live with a sense of peace and self-acceptance.

Trained in body-centered psychotherapy, and in the Zen tradition and the Vipassana style of meditation, as well as in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - by Jon Kabat Zinn), Samuel is in private practice in Manhattan. He has been teaching Living in the Present / Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation through individual & couple sessions, classes, workshops, organizational wellness training and retreats.

He currently teaches Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation, Stress and Pain Management to people with HIV, cancer, grief and loss issues at Friends In Deed, at a major bank in NYC, at the NY Open Center and advanced training at his office in Manhattan. He speaks, lectures and facilitates workshops and retreats worldwide.

Samuel is conversant in six languages and has created 12 practice and inspirationl CD's (see CD's & Audiofiles) He recently published the book & 2 CD's - The Joy Of Being


I love learning something new every day.... and am interseted in what enriches the soul: music, laughter, and celebration on a daiy basis. "What if each and every experience we have is just a calling to open, to, and make love REAL, calm our worlds and befirend ourselves as the whole HUman BEing we are?" regardless of our circumstances or condition?"